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AI in Cybersecurity: The Drive, The Dilemma, The Delayed

On the topic of #AI

I’m exploring effective approaches to integrate artificial intelligence within cybersecurity. It’s a vast subject, for sure! My focus is leveraging AI for data-driven security decisions. The tools. The technologies. The people. All important.

Reading through various articles today, there were a number of take-aways and provokers for me.

I’m taking notes.

IBM (2019): “Not having an AI strategy in 2019 will be like not having a mobile strategy in 2010, or an Internet strategy in 2000.”

Just a few months shy of 2024, and though the landscape has certainly transformed, there will be those late to the AI “party” (If ever!) — for various reasons:

🔶 Cost 🔶 Complexity 🔶 Talent scarcity 🔶 Data concerns 🔶 Ethical concerns 🔶 Regulatory reasons 🔶 Cybersecurity concerns 🔶 Just plain resistance (as is in every generation)

AI is a driving force of innovation, especially in fields like, but definitely not limited to, cybersecurity. Those without a strategic approach to AI risk being left behind.

Reference for article quote:

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