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About Us

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The Founder

Janice Sanders founded Teach2Geek as a way to support individuals interested in transitioning into cybersecurity. After about four months of self-study and utilizing free resources, this came shortly after her transition from Middle School English Teacher and working in education for nearly a decade. With limited cybersecurity skills, no certifications, and distinct transferrable skills, she found her first role less than two months after resigning from teaching.


Since, Janice has worked as a Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Mentor, and Course Instructor. She has gained valuable skills and training in a number of areas, including vulnerability management, cloud and devops, network and endpoint security, and incident response. 

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As a cybersecurity and tech hub, Teach2Geek focuses on resource-sharing, mentoring, training, coaching, and networking opportunities. 

  • We gather and share numerous FREE resources that help individuals gain knowledge and tools to break into a rewarding role in cybersecurity using various free resources.

  • We mentor and coach to support career changers with non-tech backgrounds seeking to pivot into cybersecurity.

  • We establish partnerships to train on various cybersecurity topics and cybersecurity awareness in underrepresented and marginalized schools, organizations, and businesses.

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