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The Anatomy of a Job Description

A “tip” that will better prepare you for your next #cybersecurity role.

Not really rocket science, but it can work wonders.

If you’re not doing it already, you can start.

Analyze the job description(s)!

1️⃣ Review multiple job descriptions:

When applying for my first role in cybersecurity, I remember printing out a stack of job descriptions to review. Gather multiple job descriptions for your role(s) of interest, analyze common requirements, and identify common certifications and skills in the field. Definitely, pay attention to info about the company culture, values, or team dynamics mentioned in the job description. Sites like LinkedIn,, and Glassdoor are starting points to analyze job descriptions…even more, the companies’ websites.

2️⃣ Identify recurring key skills & technologies:

Look through multiple job descriptions and identify common skills, qualifications, or even certs that employers are seeking. These can be technical skills and/or soft skills. Pay attention to specific technologies you see repeated. Make a list of these key skills and technologies. If there are free versions of technologies (which there often are), start familiarizing yourself with them if you’re not already.

3️⃣ Create a plan using the job descriptions:

Once you’ve spotted recurring skills, qualifications, and certs in job descriptions, start tailoring your training or learning plan. (I’m sure ChatGPT can help you with this once you’ve identified your specifics) Add opportunities to gain experience to your plan. This might come in the form of volunteer or community work, internships, apprenticeships, etc. With care, you can email organizations about relevant project opportunities or even participate in smaller open-source initiatives/projects to supplement your theoretical knowledge with real-world skills.

4️⃣Research companies:

One question I always hear in interviews is: What do you know about the company? I know someone who was hired at a company because he knew enough about the company to impress the interviewer (and even knew things the interviewer didn’t know). Plus, learning about the company will give you an idea of the work you’ll be contributing towards and the culture you’ll be joining. Job descriptions will often, also, hint at the culture. Don’t just skip them and hit “apply now.”

5️⃣Use the job description to help prepare for interviews:

Now that you’ve analyzed job descriptions, you can somewhat anticipate the types of questions you may be asked in interviews. From there, you can research common interview topics for your role(s) of interest and prepare examples that demonstrate your skills and experience.

The job market is competitive, but with a solid strategy in place, you'll be more prepared!! 💼🔒

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