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Week 2 Mind Map: Cloud & DevOps Journey

Last week, I absorbed a wealth of information and gained valuable hands-on experience in Week 2 of my Cloud and DevOps journey with Level Up In Tech.

To help capture my focus areas, I created a mind map. Some topics were refreshers while others introduced new high-level concepts into AWS services commonly used by Cloud and DevOps Engineers.

While I’m still exploring these cloud services and don’t possess a deep understanding of many of them yet, I’m excited to continue digging deeper AND to, even, discover how they may align in my current role.

As a Security Engineer, I’ve worked with AWS RDS and EC2 from a vulnerability management perspective. Some of my experience involves continuously monitoring these compute services within the guidelines of FedRAMP compliance.

Cloud resources are extremely important in our efforts to adhere to security standards under FedRAMP in order to safeguard government data.

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